Creamy Rice with Clams
Creamy Rice with Clams
Creamy Rice with Clams
Creamy Rice with Clams

Creamy Rice with Clams

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Cook Home Authentic Spanish flavor.

  • Cook it in just 18 minutes.
  • Serves 2 people 
  • All authentic Spanish ingredients, like saffron and more
  • Bomba rice (original paella rice)
  • Clam pieces

Buen Provecho!!!

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Seafood stock (water, shrimp paste, salt, maltodextrin, saffron extract, and saffron, fried tomato sauce (onion, crushed tomato, tomato, salt), olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, wine sherry, garlic, shrimp paste, sunflower oil, tomato, sugar, parsley, and salt), Pieces of clam meat, artichoke, and pea. Bag of Bomba rice.
May contain traces of gluten wheat (gluten), fish, shellfish, soy, and milk.

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Why Querida Carmen?


Our products are 100% authentic Spanish paella. With saffron spice, bomba rice and many other original ingredients we bring the authentic flavor of Spain to you.

Quick and Easy

Get amazing Spanish dishes in just 3 steps and 18 minutes. All you need is a wooden spoon and a pan.

Make it Your Own

You can add any seafood or anything you like and boost the experience.

Quick and Easy

Authentic Spanish paella in just 18 minutes


You can cook as many kits as you like at the same time. Just need to use a bigger paella(pan)